Monday, May 23, 2011


did you know
some of us are dying
down here? and so
this is a missive

written in fear
for all that we are
losing and what has yet to be
set free.

and why do we have to
ask for what is obvious: that
you would pay attention to us?

no. we didn't ask to be
here but we like it
just the same; is there
a refuge from this pain
or will we live it all again? no

one seems to know --
but if you're there you do;
we could use some answers, and
we don't have anyone to ask

but you.

1 comment:

Scott Hess said...

This is probably my most over-the-top, straight-ahead, lazy-rhyming poem in a long while. Hurting to hear of the death of a friend, and a friend's friend. And I tried to write something better, but this is all that will come out right now.