Friday, March 25, 2011


premise: you are
drowning but not

quickly. settle in.
it might be days

before you go under.
you can anticipate

suffering if you want,
but for now you are

merely afloat, treading
water, with plenty of energy

to last; you can take
occasional rests, imagining

you are wrapped in a warm salty
wet blanket. you are not dead
yet. you are just as safe
and as doomed as you will ever get.


Fitri said...

you made great poems. i wonder how can you make those poems? where do you get those ideas from? ^^

Scott Hess said...

Thanks, Fitri. You're very kind to say so.

I get my ideas throughout my day. Things I see or hear or say to myself in my head.

Or sometimes I don't have any ideas, or at least none that I know of, but when I sit down to write they just appear.

Often all I have is a first line or a phrase -- some words I'd like to see together. And then I launch off from there.

In this poem, "Live a Little," I had the idea that, for me, much of my life feels like treading water -- not dying, per se, but not really getting anywhere either. Just staying afloat and alive. So that was my starting point.

For the one I just wrote, "Until You Make It," I saw someone walk into a coffee shop with an outsized confidence, one I'd seen before in other people and always wondered about. Like: How do they march through their day without doubt? And my answer was, well, it's a facade...albeit a very effective, captivating facade.

Thanks for your comment!